"Hallo, Kosmos!" interviews with DAVID ICKE

On May 19th the first part of an interview with the conspiracy writer and public speaker David Icke was aired on the show Hallo, Kosmos!, Raadio 2, Estonian Public Broadcasting. The second part was on air on May 26th 2013. 

"David Icke is the U2 of the conspiracy world!" says the show's creator and host Ingrid Peek who visited the legendary conspiracy investigator at his home on the Isle of White, United Kingdom on May 7th 2013.

Listen to the Part I of the interview with David Icke HERE

Listen to the Part II of the interview with David Icke HERE

Describing himself as "the most controversial speaker in the world", David Icke is an author and public speaker who has attracted a global following that cuts across the political spectrum. Icke started his career as a footballer, then became a BBC television sports presenter, and was subsequently a spokesman for the Green Party. He then left his career after visiting a psychic, Betty Shine, who told him that he had been placed on Earth to reveal big secrets to the world. After going public with his messages in the mainstream media in 1990 he was subject to widespread ridicule. Nevertheless, he continued to develop his ideas by writing and publishing his books. 

Today he is one of the biggest superstars of the conspiracy world and the author of nineteen books; his latest, The Perception Deception, is out in autumn 2013. His popularity has also surged; in October 2012 he gave a ten hour speech at Wembley Arena to an audience of five thousand.

The first part of the Hallo Kosmos! interview explores Icke’s  background and colourful life story; the nature of holographic reality; arcane energy and reptilian bloodlines; and infinite awareness and the distortion of it. 

The second part discussed further topics including the subject of New Age; UFOs and alien agendaNew World Order; chemtrails; mind control; fear and happiness; and the mysteries of Saturn.

David Icke’s website www.davidicke.com and facebook page 

Hallo, Kosmos! website http://hallokosmos.ee and facebook page

The radio show Hallo, Kosmos! is an audio journey to different dimensions of the inner and outer cosmos. Created by Ingrid Peek and aired since June 2010 it is one of the most popular shows on Raadio 2, Estonia. During the last three years the show has contributed to a remarkable rise in awareness of alternative world views in Estonia, bringing to a wider audience topics ranging from mystery and metaphysics, world religions and belief systems, to futuristic science and space exploration. Through its interviews with local and international experts in their respective fields, Hallo Kosmos! attempts to understand the meaning of life, the Universe and everything; spirituality, paranormality and beyond.

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