"Hallo, Kosmos!" on Raadio 2, Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR) - interviews with international guests

The radio show Hallo, Kosmos! is an audio journey to different dimensions of the inner and outer cosmos. 

Created by Ingrid Peek and aired since June 2010 it is one of the most popular shows on Raadio 2, Estonia. During the last three years the show has contributed to a remarkable rise in awareness of alternative world views in Estonia, bringing to a wider audience topics ranging from mystery and metaphysics, world religions and belief systems, to futuristic science and space exploration. Through its interviews with local and international experts in their respective fields, Hallo Kosmos! attempts to understand the meaning of life, the Universe and everything; spirituality, paranormality and beyond.

Listen to the interviews with international guests below. 
Shows are in English, other languages are marked in brackets.
(Estonglish = questions in Estonian, answers both in English and Estonian)

RUPERT ENCINAS - representative of Native Americans of Arizona
July 21st 2013 (in Estonglish, translated by Ave Oit)http://heli.er.ee/helid/1388382.mp3

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA SARASWATI & ANANDA MAHA - tantra teachers from Romania living in Thailand
July 7th 2013 (in Estonglish, translated by Paavo Eensalu)http://heli.er.ee/helid/1381122.mp3
July 14th 2013 - Swami in solo - (in Estonglish, translated by Paavo Eensalu) - http://heli.er.ee/helid/1384952.mp3

DAVID ICKE - British conspiracy writer and public speaker
Part I, May 19th 2013 – http://heli.er.ee/helid/1355072.mp3
Part II, May 26th 2013 – http://heli.er.ee/helid/1360452.mp3

TXANA BANE – Shaman from Huni Kuin tribe from Amazon rainforest
May 5th 2013 (in Portuguese, English and Estonian, translated by Fernando Sallum) - http://heli.er.ee/helid/1346332.mp3

ALEXANDR ARBUZOV – Tibetian medicine doctor from Russia
March 3rd 2013 (in Estonian and Russian, translated by Polina Kilimnik) – http://heli.er.ee/helid/1307152.mp3

JASMUHEEN – ambassador of the Embassy of Peace, breatharianist, author from England
November 11th 2012 (in Estonglish, translated by Inna Inanna) – http://heli.er.ee/helid/1242292.mp3

LORNA BYRNE – ambassador of angels from Ireland
September 30th 2012 – http://heli.er.ee/helid/1216152.mp3

ANDREW BARNES – tantra, sexuality and orgasm coach, sexologist, author from Australia
September 16th 2012 (in Estonian and English, translated by Paavo Eensalu) – http://heli.er.ee/helid/1208352.mp3

MOSES MAIMON – tantra and yoga teacher from Israel
September 2nd 2012 (in Estonglish, translated by Kaija Margumets) – http://heli.er.ee/helid/1200282.mp3

DAVID ROTHENBERG – musician, writer and philosopher from America
August 19th 2012 (in Estonglish, translated by Jaanika Peerna) – http://heli.er.ee/helid/1192872.mp3

KAILASH KOKOPELLI & SATYADEV BARMAN – inner world musicians and sound therapists from Germany and India
August 5th 2012 (in Estonglish) - http://heli.er.ee/helid/1186692.mp3

MONA POLACCA – representative of International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, and of the Arizona native Americans
July 8th 2012 (in Estonglish, translated by Toomas Urb) – http://heli.er.ee/helid/1173662.mp3

AMAZON ENSEMBLE – musicians Fernando Sallum and Eduardo Agni from Brazil and Sigmund Vatvedt from Norway, student of the shaman Sia from Huni Kuin tribe from Amazon rainforest
April 8th 2012 (in Portuguese, English and Estonian) – http://heli.er.ee/helid/1127642.mp3

NICK POPE – British public speaker, journalist and ufologist who used to work in UK Ministry of Defence UFO Project
December 4th 2011 – http://heli.er.ee/helid/1062812.mp3

JOE DAVIS – "mad scientist of MIT", visionary bioartist from America
November 6th 2011 – http://heli.er.ee/helid/1046342.mp3

ALAN N. SHAPIRO – interdisciplinary thinker, technologist, futurist from America
September 25th 2011 – http://heli.er.ee/helid/1022332.mp3

LEO ZAGAMI – Illuminati Grand Master from Italy
December 5th 2010 – http://heli.er.ee/helid/861602.mp3

CARLOS – neoshaman from Argentina
August 22nd 2010 – http://heli.er.ee/helid/953272.mp3

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